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Windows USB/DVD Tool Unable to Burn Windows ISO to DISK


Originally called as ‘Windows 7 USB/DVD DOWNLOAD Tool’, is a bootable disk creator tool for Microsoft Windows operating systems by using Microsoft Windows ISO file. You can create bootable Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 by using this tool if you have got the OS setup in ISO file format. You can download this tool from Microsoft’s official website. Microsoft provided this tool to easily create bootable Windows setup to install operating system. This tool works very well and it extracts files from ISO and creates bootable DVD or USB disks containing Windows setup. Sometimes it gives an error that states: “unsupported ISO file”, even it was the working ISO file for you, when you used it last time. Here is the solution.

I would like to call it ‘Windows USB/DVD tool’, rather then ‘Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool’, because it does not seem to download anything and it can also be used to create a Microsoft Windows 8 bootable disk. So ‘Windows USB/DVD tool’ creates a bootable disk drive by using ISO file. The same goal can be achieved by using any other utility that burns ISO file to the DVD or USB drive.

Take Rufus for example.

rufus - iso to usb

Rufus can recognize external disk drive and it can use ISO image or ISO file to create bootable disk. Instead of Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool, you can use any other third party bootable disk creator to burn operating system files to disk.

ISO to USB is another similar example. There are also other unofficial tools available to specially create bootable Microsoft Windows setup disk. Not just for Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 but you can choose to create bootable disk for any version of Microsoft Windows if you have the ISO file.

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