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Find Ads Status for Website – Banned to Use Google Adsense or Not


Websites selling and buying is a great business. Buying a successful website which has great audience, then modifying it for more profit is what entrepreneurs do every day. Running a website is a full time job. Though many would consider it part time. Not everybody can invest his whole time and money into it. Website owners who give up, sell their websites. A website might have attracted a lot of audience but if the owner is not able to give it proper time, then he would consider it selling and doing something else or whatever he is doing right now. Now you may jump in buying that website that has already gathered a lot of visitors but the most important thing you may consider is – that website is banned from Google Adsense to display ads or not? The reason that website is up for sell might be that, it just got banned from displaying ads from Google Adsense and your main source to monetizing might be the Google Adsense. You need to find out about a website’s status against Google Adsense before you buy it.

Google Adsense Sandbox is a Google Adsense Preview Tool that will enable you to see a website’s status against Adsense account.

Google Adsense Preview Tool will display sample Google ads, based on standard AdSense targeting and filtering. This online Adsense Preview Tool works across all web browsers including IE, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Other than 20 text ads, the Adsense Preview tool will also show the related Adlinks and Rich Text Ads (Images and Video) that will appear on targeted website for visitors in various countries. Ad formats include Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Rectangle and Square.


If a website has been banned by Google Adsense, this tool will simply won’t display any ads. So to check out if a website is Adsense ready or banned to use it, you need to provide the website’s URL and see the results. You will get the idea of what kind of ads will be displayed at that website for any particular country. In the other case if the website has been banned by Adsense, the tool will not display any ads.

So before you buy any website, check it for adsense and if its not banned from using adsense, you will get the idea of ads and earning potential that website has got. Why adsense check? Because many publishers find adsense as their primary source of website monetizing strategy.

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