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From Where to Get a Taste of 4K Videos Online


After listening to so many news and buzz about the 4K Ultra High Definition displays, its natural to be curious about it. High definition LED TV users have been enjoying 1080p HD movies, songs and TV shows on their crystal clear HD TV screens and now even they are compelled to think about how much more amazing this 4K display would be, as compared to their 1080p Full HD display. Yes, you can buy 4K UHD TV right away, as these are available in the market right now but before you do that, if you want to have a taste of 4K videos, then from where can you witness this awesomeness online?

First of all, let us take the context into consideration by looking into display types given below:

VCD (Standard Definition) > DVD > 720p (High Definition) > 1080p (Full HD) > 2K > 4K (Ultra HD).

Devices and content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels can be said 4K because K stands for 1,000. It is also being said that 4K is something that will lead to something better, just like 720p was a quick transition towards a better display standard of 1080p. So 4K might be a transition towards 8K, 10K or even better. 4K content is also not easily available just yet. Mostly you can get the scaled version of 1080p into 4K that is not true 4K content. Think before you buy your new 4K TV, just yet!

So if you want to watch 4K awesomeness right away, on your computer or laptop, here is an easy destination to land upon, to watch 4K videos.

4k video on youtube

YOUTUBE. Yes, just search 4k, HD in youtube search box and you will find many 4K videos that you can stream and watch on your laptop, tablet or computer. ‘Burj Khalifa Pinnacle BASE Jump’ video on YouTube caught my eye that is in 4K. Search that and you can watch it in 4K. Right now, 4K videos on YouTube are available with the resolution of 2160p. That might be 4K ready and not the Full UHD you will experience in coming years. But still its good to have an early taste of 4K videos right on our PC. This video, while watching in 4K on your PC, might not run smoothly though. It will skip video or audio after few intervals for most of the users. If you download that video by using any download manager that allows downloading from YouTube, you will get an mp4 file. That mp4 file may also skip some video and audio on PC. It may also not play on 1080p Full HD TVs. You will have to convert it to 1080p to play it on your Full HD TV. However the same file should run on a 4K TV.

YouTube is the early adopter of 4K video streaming. Many other companies are considering to bring 4K video streaming to home users on their UHD TVs.

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