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Voice Chat Not Clear in Windows 7 on Laptop – Solution


My laptop is HP Probook 4520s Intel i5 with ATI Radeon graphic card. Its got 4GB RAM. But when I use messengers at it and do voice chats, I miss things in the middle of the conversation. Should I think, its not for voice chat?

Simply, voice chat is clear when I use my desktop computer but its not when I use my laptop. And it does not depend on messenger I use. I use Windows XP at my desktop computer and Windows 7 is installed at my laptop. GTalk is my preference for voice calls but when I use my laptop and Windows 7, GTalk fails to give me clear voice quality. I miss words in the middle of conversation. Many users might have experienced this issue. I found the solution accidentally and I wondered why it did not occur to me earlier. So here is the solution.


Drop down all the appearance and visual effects in Windows 7 to have optimal voice quality experience while using messengers. You can optimize Windows manually, or you can optimize visual effects and performance of Windows 7 by using some optimizing software.

I used TuneUp Utilities for this.

tuneup utilities, clear voice chat windows 7 laptop

In “customize windows”, go to “animations and effects” and remove unnecessary visual effects. TuneUp Utilities will also suggest automatic fix for PC performance upgrade. If you accept those all optimizations, it will also do the trick.

You can do it manually too. e.g.

Go to:

Start > Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools > Advanced Tools > Adjust Appearance and Performance of Windows

adjust appearance performance windows 7

Choose “adjust for best performance” or selectively choose what visual effects you like to use.

By disabling few visual effects and animations in Windows 7 you will get the following benefits:

  • Your laptop will be running smooth
  • You will get clear voice quality in Voice calls, Video calls and voice chats
  • Your laptop heat sync fan will be quiet
  • You will feel quick response from computer
  • Longer life for laptop
  • Laptop won’t heat up quickly

For me TuneUp Utilities worked fine. I was up to decreasing few visual effects by using it, because my laptop was heating up a lot, but it turned out to be the solution for the voice problem in messengers as well.

Somehow, if you disable visual effects and animations in Windows 7, overall software performance and PC response time increases. So if you were having issues with the voice quality in your laptop with Windows 7, try the above method.

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