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Ho to Use Wikipedia without Internet


Yes, you can browse wikipedia without any access to internet connection. You can read articles from wikipedia offline, right from your own PC. Wikipedia is the biggest online encyclopedia where you can find any information and related resources easily. You can do so by using an offline reader software (offline browser) and zim files.

You can use Kiwix which is powered by mozilla and it is an offline reader. All you have to do is to install kiwix software in your PC and download zim files for wikipedia.

After that load/open any wikipedia zim file in kiwix and enjoy offline wikipeida browsing. Its like having the largest information resource in your PC. Kiwix is available free for MAC, Linux and Microsoft Windows. Kiwix can open any zim file. Zim file is a high compressed open format with additional meta-data. Kiwix is an offline reader for any web content. This software was created to make Wikipedia available without using the internet, but it can be used to read all kinds of HTML content.

Kiwix is useful to browse website fast and it is also helpful in saving bandwidth. If you are going far away on a trip and you do not know whether there will be internet available easily or not, you can make use or this software and ZIM files to use Wikipedia. Kiwix is easy to use and features a full text search engine, bookmarks and notes, HTTP server, PDF/HTML export support, multi-language support (100 languages), tabbed navigation, integrated content manager and downloader.

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