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Stop Computer from Waking Up Automatically from Hibernation


One guest asked that he turned his computer off by putting it into hibernating state and he was sure that the computer went into hibernation. He was using a desktop and when he came back after several hours, he found his computer turned on in locked state where computer logon screen was up and asking for password.

I work at my desktop at home and there are always opened documents and I don’t like to completely shutdown my PC. Due to power failure problem in our area I put my computer in hibernating state and leave it. If a computer is in hibernating state, it should not be turning on unless it is told to do so by pressing start button, but I have observed that if I leave my PC turned on for several hours, then it resumes back automatically and wakes up from hibernation automatically. What is happening? How I can stop PC to wake up automatically from sleep? If it wakes up automatically and then power goes down, I lose my unsaved data. Please suggest some solution.

  • Go to Control Panel
    Press Windows key and R to launch command prompt and type ‘control panel’, hit enter
  • Go to ‘Power Options’
  • Hit ‘change plan settings’
  • Hit the ‘change advanced power settings’
  • Expand sleep option
  • Under sleep, expand ‘allow wake timers’
  • Click settings and choose ‘disable’

That’s it

Now your computer should not wake up automatically.

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