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Transfer .ePub and .Mobi eBooks from PC and MAC to iPhone or iPad


.ePub and .mobi files are eBooks that can be read on many devices and operating systems. ePub eBooks are widely used in iPhones and iPads. If you have downloaded ePub files in your computer and wondering how these files will be transferred to iPhone then read this. We can use iFile, Stanza, Calibre and few other techniques to transfer ebooks from PC or MAC to iDevices.

Use iFile App

One way to transfer ePub files from PC to iPhone is via iFile App.

  • Start iFile in your iPhone and browse to the following location:
  • var/mobile/Media/Books/Purchase.
  • Touch the wifi icon and let it process.
  • In the end it will provide an IP address (i.e.
  • Type that IP address in internet browser of your PC and hit enter.
  • Browse to the following location var/mobile/Media/Books/Purchase from PC.
  • So the whole address in browser’s address bar becomes:
  • In my case it was, you will have to confirm your IP address that iFile will provide after wifi connection is established.
  • Hit upload button and browse ePub file from PC and upload it in iDevice.

Transfer ePub or Mobi Files to iDevices Via Email

Another really simple way to move an ebook from a computer (PC or MAC) to an iPad or iPhone is via email.

  • Attach MOBI or ePub files to a new mail message and email them to the iPad or iPhone
  • Open the email message from the iPad or iPhone
  • Tap and hold the attached mobi or epub file until an “Open in” prompt window appears
  • Tap the appropriate choice (e.g. iBooks or Kindle app)

Use Calibre and Stanza

To transfer EPUB files onto iPhone, you can also use Calibre and share your library from your PC. From Stanza on your iPhone you can download it from you Calibre library (instructions).

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