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Standalone Free Newsletter Service


Normally you need a blog or any sort of publishing platform to get your newsletter rolling. Get a blog, get its RSS URL and give it to RRS-to-Email services to get your newsletter up and running for your followers/readers. What if you are not a blogger or do not want to use any blogging platform but you do want a newsletter system for email marketing. Start a free independent newsletter that people can subscribe to and receive emails from you.

RSS-to-Email services like MailChimp, FeedBurner, FeedBlitz, Aweber, Nourish are good. Few of these are free and others are paid services. Among these, Feedburner by Google is very popular free newsletter service. All of the above services require RSS URL of your website or blog. When RSS feeds of your blog or website gets update, these services send email to all your subscribers and followers.

Lets explore standalone free newsletter options that do not require you to run a blog or website.

Free Tiny Letter Newsletter

A very simple and free newsletter tool to send HTML emails to subscribers is TinyLetter. Tinyletter can be used to send mass email or manage your email campaign. Create a free account with your username (

Tiny Letter Services

tiny letter

Subscription Form


Write Newsletter

write newsletter

Charge for Newsletter Subscription

You can also charge your readers for a newsletter subscription by using this service but its not necessary. Simply create your account, decide what you’ll charge per month, and embed the sign-up form on your blog if you have one or share that code anywhere.

Go to TinyLetter Newsletter Service.
Also see Campayn.

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