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Skype Stopped Working Properly – Solution


Internet speed, messenger software and many other factors determine voice or video quality during voice or video chat. Normally if a user is having problems with the voice or video quality, he will try another messenger. That is why I like to have variety of instant messaging software in my PC. Skype is the best choice for messaging, free calls, voice or video calls and more. Its is also best for international calling in really affordable rates and packages. Skype is wide choice among internet users for international calling. Recently I was doing voice chat using gTalk at my Laptop but the voice quality was really poor. I had to ask again from other end to hear properly what my friend was saying. The sentences kept breaking in the middle. I opened skype, enter login information and hit sign in. While skype was signing in, it crashed and disappeared from the screen. I tried again and again to sign in the skype but the same thing kept happening again and again. Skype crashed every time when I tried to sign in. On little research I found the solution to fix skype crash. Does skype crash on your computer? Here is the solution.

There are couple of thing you need to make sure to use skype properly.

Download and install the latest version of Skype. Go to skype download page and download skype.

Make sure that Windows has the latest service packs and updates installed. Although this is optional.

Important most is to have the latest DirectX for Microsoft Windows installed in PC.

Don’t run Skype in compatibility mode.

If you have firewall in PC, update firewall settings to work with Skype if necessary. Computer firewall maintains a list of applications installed on your computer. In this list, locate the entry for Skype and configure the Skype entry to allow it to connect to the internet. Save changes. Restart Skype and sign in.

Locate Skype settings in firewall by going here:
Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Advanced Settings > Outbound Rules

If skype crashes again after doing this all, completely uninstall and install latest skype again.

My problem was fixed when I updated the Microsoft DirextX to the latest version.

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