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Run Based Shutdown Command Options for PC


Microsoft shutdown DOS commands are very useful to do things in Windows quickly. Windows 8 have hidden features, or lets say these are not easily accessible because Windows 8 is more like touch-enabled tablet based operating system. There is no start button, no easily accessible log off, restart, turn off options and we have to do couple of switches to find these options. Some of these e.g. hibernation requires enabling it via control panel and power settings, otherwise its just not there. So it is good if we know run based command that we type in run command prompt and quickly restart, log off, hibernate, shutdown or cancel shutdown PC.

Computer Shutdown Commands

Cancel shutdown: shutdown -a
Shutdown PC: shutdown -s
Restart PC: shutdown -r
Hibernate PC: shutdown -h
Log off: shutdown -l
Shutdown Timer: shutdown -s -t xx (example shutdown -s -t 60 means shutdown PC after 60 seconds)
Shutdown and Force close opened programs: shutdown -f
Shutdown with a message: shutdown -s -t 30 -c “Computer is shutting down now!”
The above command will shutdown PC in 30 seconds and will display the given message.

Similarly shutdown -a is a very important command that will cancel the PC shutdown. Sometimes we are in the middle of something at PC and it requires to shutdown by giving us few seconds, a timer starts running displaying that PC will shutdown in few seconds. Now if we need to stop cancel shutdown process, then we use this command. In Windows XP there was a bug that caused automatic PC shutdown until Microsoft released a patch to fix it. This cancel shutdown command was very useful back then.

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