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Screwdriver Sets for Smart Devices and Laptops


Self done is well done. Why don’t we try to fix things ourselves before getting it fixed from an expensive professional service? May be because we do not want to mess up with devices that we have never fixed. The truth is; if you do it yourself first, you may wonder that how much easy it is to fix minor issues. To fix stuff we need screwdrivers; may be full kit or set of screwdrivers. Screwdriver set or screwdriver kit is handy set of tools useful in daily life for general purposes in fixing or modifying stuff. It can be a broken door or a window, malfunctioning electrical or electronic device to be repaired or loose screws in your car. Screwdrivers are useful for all of these purposes. For the general purpose, relatively screwdrivers of large size are used. For smaller devices such as mobile phone, smart phone, laptop, computer and other small electronics screwdrivers or small sizes are used. Following tips will help you search and choose right set of screwdrivers for your requirement.

Really a variety of screwdriver kits of many types are available so that you may choose according to your requirement. Its better to get the whole set or full kit of screwdrivers of particular type, rather than purchasing just few you need, because different size of screws are used in the same device. So what kind of screwdrivers should you use to open up laptop or smart phone? What type of screwdrivers should we use to service laptop? And from where can you buy screwdrivers to service your laptop? Screwdrivers for laptop or smart phones are in smaller size with many kinds of shapes to move different kinds of screws.

You can buy screwdrivers for laptop repair or smartphone repair online from eBay, Walmart or Amazon (if not from the local market near you). You will have to search there for terms like ‘screwdriver set for laptop’, ‘screwdriver set for smart phone’, ‘screwdriver set for iPhone’, ‘screwdriver kit’, ‘screwdrivers for laptop repair’, ‘screwdrivers for laptop service’, ‘screwdrivers for mobile phone repairing’, or ‘PC tools kit’ depending on what you want to do with the kit. Search with the right keyword and you will get the exact set of tools that you need. There is a lot of variety and options for these tools. So search well before purchasing one. There is no need to go for an expensive kit as well. Expensive tool kits will be only fancy and design wise attractive. What I use for smart phone repairing or laptop repairing, is below.

The kind of kit displayed in images above is really useful for smart phones repairing or laptop repairing. Go for this type of set regardless of the brand. Preferably choose less expensive set of same type. You have to open up laptop, computer or smart phone to repair it. You may need to change, upgrade or install new RAM in laptop. You may need to clean your laptop fan and heat sink areas. For this purpose regular screwdrivers won’t work because those are for general purposes (home repairing) and are bigger in size. The kit above contains screwdriver in two parts. One part of screwdriver is to hold the screwdriver and that is single in the kit because all the other parts will fit into it (one at a time) to form a single screwdriver. The second part is the tip of screwdriver that actually moves the screws into or out of devices.

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