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How to Restore File Transfer Status Window in Ubuntu


Have you transferred large data from one location to another by using Ubuntu (nautilus file manager)? It shows file transfer status in a window labeled as ‘file operations’. If you click somewhere else while transfer, that ‘file operations’ window disappears and you can not see the file transfer status. Alt+Tab may not help at that point. So where has that copy-paste status window gone? If it just happened to you, you can restore file transfer progress window by following this guide.

There are several ways to see copy progress or restore file transfer status window in Ubuntu.


  • By using Ctrl+Alt+Tab keys and selecting the “File Operations” will bring the copy-past progress window at the front.
  • Go to browser window and press Alt+~ keys to switch between grouped windows which should also show the hidden progress status window.
  • Alt+Tab is used to switch between open windows while Alt+~ is used to switch between grouped windows.
  • Press Alt+Tab and then Press Alt+~ to reveal copy status window.
  • If you can not make it work by methods above, right click at the Files icon or ‘Home Folder’ icon on the left side and select “Show Copy Dialog”. Now use Alt+Tab or Alt+~ to restore the progress bar window.
  • Check your Files icon or ‘Home Folder’ icon in the launcher (left side). There will be a little progress bar over if, if it’s still copying files. That is an indicator that files are still being copied.
  • Look for a file copy icon in your system tray (upper right side). If there’s one, click it and the file transfer dialog will appear again.

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