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Provide Remote Support from PC to iOS Device


If you are on a MAC or Windows PC and you need to connect to an iOS device to provide some sort of help or support to a friend, how would you do it? Connect iOS device remotely to a computer, exchange files and have chat, send device information to computer. Provide remote support to friends and family easily.

By installing Quick Support in your iOS device you can get support for your mobile device from any Windows or Mac computer. Computer user will be able to chat with you, transfer files back and forth, view device information, push Wi-Fi settings, and much more.

You can process a list, add e-mail Account, add Microsoft Exchange account, import iOS configuration profile, push WLAN settings, view system diagnostic information, take real-time screenshot of the device and store confidential information into the device clipboard to share it with the iOS device user.

The iOS device information, that the computer user can see includes current CPU usage, RAM usage, battery level and status, iOS storage space information, installed iOS version in the device, network SSID that the iOS device is connected to and the IP address of iOS device, MAC address of iOS device and the bluetooth status.

It creates a secure connection with 256 bit AES session encoding. To make this all work, on the computer, TeamViewer should be installed. iOS user has to open the quick support app and tell the ID to computer user. Computer user will use this ID on Teamviewer to connect to the iOS device. Before connection is established, iOS user will have to grant permission for computer user to get connected.

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