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Recover Lost Partitions After Ubuntu Installation


Did you install Ubuntu to find out that it replaced all hard disk partitions with single partition for itself? Ubuntu installed successfully but all partitions and data lost? You can still recover those partitions with all the data. There are many free and paid data recovery software available in the market. But data recovery is a long process that usually can not recover all the data in many cases. We need some mechanism that may bring back old partitions with data in lesser time than data recovery process. This tutorial will help you recover your lost partitions.

First of all, do not use that hard disk or PC. Do not install any software or updates on that. Further use of that PC will decrease the chances of full data recovery. Remove hard disk from that system, use a hard disk cover and plug that hard disk via USB into another computer running Microsoft Windows or Linux. Do it yourself, because data recovery costs a lot if you get it done by any professional.

TestDisk is available for MAC, Windows, Linux and it even comes with live rescue operating system disks. You can download linux based live rescue disks in ISO file format. Attach the hard disk with a Microsoft Windows PC, Apple MAC computer or Linux operating system. Install TestDisk in the system and use it to search and scan for lost partitions from attached hard disk.

If you can not remove hard disk from laptop, then use a ‘rescue live operating system disk’ that comes with the TestDisk, to recover deleted partitions. Rescue live operating systems are available to download in ISO file format. You will have to burn the ISO file in USB or CD and create a bootable rescue disk. Attach USB to the PC that has lost partitions and use that bootable USB drive to boot from.

Using TestDisk to Recover Partitions – Complete Guide

There is a fair chance that you will recover deleted partitions. If not, then you will have to use data recovery software to recover data or partitions.

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