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How to Protect your Online Work Against Copyright Infringement


Internet copyright infringement happen everyday and every moment. It can be in the form of software copyright infringement or data copyright infringement. When someone steals data from your website and publish it on his website, its data copyright infringement. You can not avoid it because everyday a lot of amateur publishers and developers try to get benefit from what other are doing. But you can protect yourself. To hire a copyright lawyer for your work would be a costly option which is only suitable for big established online companies but you can still save yourself by using following other options.

How to Check Copyright Infringement

Use Copyscape to find copies of your published material. Copyscape also give option to monitor for you at regular basis if there is anybody copying you. Or simply use Google. Type title of your published material and see whether same material appears in search results or not.

How to Claim Copyright Infringement

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) criminalizes production of technology, devices, or services intended to dodge measures that control access to copyrighted works. If you find copyright infringement of your work anywhere, contact the publisher, issue DMCA notice and tell him to link back or remove that stuff that is yours.

If he does not respond, find his web hosting company by typing his domain name in or similar domain lookup websites. Contact his web hosting, tell them about DMCA policy and about your work that he was copying. They will handle the rest.

Paid Option to Protect against Copyright Infringement

Go to website and register your property there. File a copyright registration for your work through the Copyright Office online system. Lower filing fee is $35 for a basic claim (for online filings).

Register Complaint at Google

You can also request Google to take action against the copyright infringement. Google reviews the website for copyright violation. If they find the violation to be true, they remove the violating website from their search results. Submit a copyright infringement notification at Google.

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