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Play Separate DTS Audio Track with MKV Video Movie


MKV with DTS audio sync problem is a common issue that many users encounter after they download a movie or video file that comes with a separate dts audio track. I downloaded a movie that came with mkv video file and a dts audio track. I tried to play it with latest VLC media player that told me that the video file has got no audio track. I tried to import/open audio track but nothing worked with the VLC media player. Then I tried the windows media player for this situation. Same result. The video and audio files were playing fine separately but I could not play mkv video file with audio track. I searched a bit and found that AC3 filter can help somehow and play dts audio along with the mkv video file. I installed AC3 filter but nothing happened. AC3Filter is said to be a high quality audio decoder and processor filter that allows media players to playback movies with AC3 and DTS audio tracks. But – only video was playing, no audio even after installing the AC3 filter. I tried the MPlayer but nothing happened.

Finally I thought of a solution that is old but very effective. I was missing some codec that I knew. I installed K-Lite Mega Codec Pack for Windows 7 that installed Media Player Classic which solved the problem.

Solution – Play DTS Audio with MKV Video

Download and install the ‘K-Lite Mega Codec Pack’ or ‘Media Player Classic’ in computer. Place the MKV and DTS files in the same folder/location with same name. Open MKV file in the ‘media player classic’ and there you go. The video will be played and dts audio track will sync with MKV and the problem is solved.

media player classic mkv dts

mkv video dts audio


Perian is also said to play the video files with dts audio tracks.

Matroska Pack can also help you play media files with separate dts audio tracks.

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