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Best Way to Adjust Sound Volume Level for Speakers and Computer


As much as a computer is used to make our daily work easy, it is also used equally for multimedia purpose. We even listen to our favorite music while working. We encounter computer speaker or voice problems often. Computer audio problem, where you can not hear any sound is different, that can be sorted out by restarting PC, updating or reinstalling the audio driver software. How to ensure speakers hardware durability and best performance from audio system so that you can enjoy your favorite music at your PC multimedia speaker system for longer period of time.

You can control the PC sound volume by using sound volume icon in the task bar and the speakers volume by using the ‘speakers main volume’, ‘bass’ and ‘treble’. Perhaps you have got the best multimedia computer and best multimedia speakers available from the market. If you want to enjoy great sound experience from speaker system and prolong its life, then follow these tips.

Many PC users continuously use ‘speakers volume controls’ to control sound level every time they listen to music which is not a good practice.

Tip for Speakers

If you change speakers volume continuously every now and then, speaker controls won’t stay in good condition for long and will be out of order soon. After that, you may notice that left side speaker produces sound but the right one goes off and when high beat music is played or you turn the music louder, right side speaker starts to produce sound as well. You may experience unstable sound levels on different music from speakers. Its disturbing and now you have to increase the volume to hear a consistent music from both left and right sides of speakers. You may think that it might be damaged or faulty wires from speakers or loose ends but it is not such case. The fact is, speakers volume controls get out of order if you use them more often.

The solution is to set the volume controls on speakers at a desired level and forget it. Do not change volume level from speakers consistently. Keep treble volume full, bass volume slightly less than full e.g. 80% or 90% and main volume 50% or 70% in case your room absorbs music so that you do not disturb neighbors. Speaker is hardware and it’s controls should not be touched too often.

Above speakers system is ‘Edifier S550′ sound system with remote control capabilities. Even when you are using remote control speakers, its better to adjust the speakers volume level at a comfortable level and forget it. This will ensure maximum life of speaker system.

Tips for Computer Volume Level

Control the music volume using your computer volume controls from taskbar (in case of Microsoft Windows). Its not the hardware. It is software in Operating System this time. Software does not go out of order, neither it gets carbon, dust in it (like speakers volume controls) with the passage of time. So keep the speakers volume level max and use the operating system volume control to adjust music volume level whenever you listen to music. It is also hectic to reach out for PC speakers every time, to only adjust the music volume while is easy to control sound level from PC volume control. In case of multimedia keyboard it even becomes more easier.

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