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Where to Find Top Music Songs


There was a time when users used to ask: “Where can i find music?” or “Where to find music?” But now we all know that its not hard to find music online. There are thousands of music resources online. Go to YouTube or just type “video songs” or “mp3 songs” in search and search engine will suggest you thousands of websites to listen music and to free download popular music. Now the question is “where can we find top 10 songs or top charts?” Where to go If you have to find the music top 10 in latest songs or only popular songs currently being enjoyed by the global community? Here we will suggest you to few resources from where not only you can find the best top popular songs but you can also download songs for free from there.

YouTube Top 100 Popular Hit Songs

YouTube music page will give you top 100 popular hit songs currently being enjoyed and downloaded by YouTube community.


So first easy option is to hit the YouTube music page and have a quick look.

Apple iTunes Top 10 Songs

iTunes Store Top 10 Songs is a great must check resource to discover top songs by country. Discover top 10 music albums or top 10 music songs and more. Exciting thing is to discover top music by country.


BBC Radio Top Chart in Music

BBC top chart music is cool place to discover hot music.


Top 10 Songs

Top 10 Songs will suggest you the current popular most 10 songs. Not only this but you can view their archive for top music in few months or years back.


Alright, what is your preference? Where do you go when you want to listen to top music?

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