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Microsoft Security Essentials VS Windows Defender


Microsoft offers Windows Security Essentials for securing Windows from viruses, malwares, trojans and other threats. Microsoft Security Essentials is supported on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. It provides real-time protection for home or small business PCs. Its not supported on Microsoft Windows 8. Its the best Windows security software that comes free. So what security software will do best for Windows 8?

The answer is: You don’t need a separate security software for Windows 8 because it includes ‘Windows Defender’ which is exactly like Windows Security Essentials but more effective. Windows 8 contains updated security built-in, that’s why if you try to install the Windows Security Essentials on Windows 8, it will give an error and prompt will tell you that you don’t need Windows Security Essentials for Windows 8.

You do not need to install Microsoft Essentials.

Your version of Windows includes an updated version of Windows Defender that provides the same level of protection as Microsoft Security Essentials, along with other significant improvements.

After installing any Operating System, usually my first approach have been to install the best antivirus software and then do other tasks. But Windows 8 saves you from worrying about downloading separate security software at the first place.

Use Windows 8 and Windows Defender, and you are safe from viruses, spyware and malwares.

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