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Manage Multiple iOS Devices with Different Apple IDs on a Single Computer


Do you have to connect different Apple devices (iPad, iPad Mini, iPod, iPhone) to the same computer for update or backup purposes? Not all users are good with the technical side of the devices. So in a family usually one person (who happens to know a bit better) ends up dealing with all those devices on his computer. If you are that guy, how do you manage all those iOS devices, different Apple IDs and different users on a single computer?

Different devices with their unique content can be managed with one iTunes library but its a good choice to create multiple iTunes libraries to manage different kinds of content for different devices. You can use different Apple IDs on even a single iOS device for different purposes. You can use single Apple ID for iTunes and apps store for multiple devices but for messages and iCloud different devices can have different Apple IDs. That will allow all Apple devices to share and sync same apps from iTunes but each iOS device will have its own messages, photos, videos, documents and iCloud data.

Apple recommends same Apple ID for store purchases and iCloud.

Each iOS device can have a unique name and unique Apple ID. iTunes will sync data for each device under its own unique name. A better way is to create multiple user accounts in the computer. Separate computer user account for each device. In this way you can maintain separate, personalized iTunes libraries and customize each devices’ sync settings accordingly under separate user account in computer. This will keep things smooth and won’t create any confusion.

For MAC, choose Apple Menu > System Preferences, and then click Users & Groups to create new user account in MAC. For Microsoft Windows go to Control Panel > User Accounts (Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > User Accounts) to create a new user.

Keep each user’s data in his own computer user account and sync different devices from its respective user account and data.

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