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How to Recover Lost Windows Live Account


A user asked; “how do I get Hotmail password? I don’t remember security question.” Windows live ( brings awesomeness of Hotmail, Messenger and Skydrive to you. Hotmail has been and still is the popular online email service. Of course we have Gmail now and many of internet users use Gmail instead of Yahoo or Hotmail, but still users have got emailing accounts on Hotmail and Yahoo. In fact it is wise to have more than one email accounts at different websites. From mentioned email services, Hotmail is said to be most vulnerable. According to some reports, Hotmail can be hijacked more easily then its competitors. Although, Microsoft has implemented many security filters now and you are more secure with Hotmail as with others. The reason behind a compromised account might also be carelessness. Close friends can guess simple passwords. Sometimes we forget to log out from email account. Lost password for Hotmail? Here is how to recover password for Hotmail even if you don’t remember answer to security question. Lost recovery for Hotmail password is easy if you have mentioned alternative email address in options. But what if you don’t remember that too?

If you forgot Hotmail account password, you can reset your password by following this procedure.

  • Click link that says ‘Can’t access your account?’ at the sign in page
  • At the next page select the proper option and reset your password

This will work if you have given ‘alternative email’ and they will send the Hotmail password reset email at the alternative email address. But if you have not given the alternative email, then you will have to contact the support. They will ask you few questions and you will have to answer those questions.

Alternative email, phone and/or security question is very helpful in retrieving your lost account. If you do not have any of these then another information can help you in your ‘account information’ page that you will have to remember already so you might use it if you lose your account.

Make sure you remember these details, visible in the screenshot above.

  • Your unique ID
  • Registered Since
  • (Given) Date of Birth

These are very important and by providing these to support, you can get back your Windows Live account real quick.

Login to Live account and go to ‘account’ by clicking your ID. Those are your account information and your unique ID, registration date, birth date and all other information will be here. Take a screenshot of that page of save those information in a document.

Below in that page in ‘other options’ section click ‘Linked IDs’ and manage alternative email address associated with your windows live account.

If you have the above information then its really easy to get back Hotmail account by giving these details to Microsoft support team.

If you don’t have anything then here is how you contact support directly about your lost account.

Contact Microsoft Support

Here is how you contact the support directly if you are unable to get into your windows live or Hotmail account.

  • Go to Microsoft feedback page
  • Select ‘hotmail’
  • At next page select topic (e.g. sign in/password problems, hijacked/compromised account)
  • Give details whatever you remember e.g. your unique ID, , registration date, date of birth, recent emails, etc. and send. Tell them new email address where they can contact you

Also you can go to Windows Live Forums to get help.

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