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iOS Update Requirements


Usually iTunes will throw an error code in case of unsuccessful attempt of iOS update. That error code won’t tell you much and you have to spend much time to search and find the solution for the error. Surprisingly the solution for all those errors is really simple. This article covers essential requirements to update iOS on Apple devices. Before you update iOS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you need to take care about few things. Consider following points to achieve a successful iOS install or update, on your Apple device.

Latest iTunes

Yes! Latest iTunes should be installed in your PC, in case you are using iTunes to update the iOS. Every time you update the iOS, make sure that the iTunes version is latest, otherwise iOS update process may not be completed and will be aborted with an error.

Get the latest iTunes from Apple – for Windows or MAC

Updated Operating System

Install available updates for your Mac. If you have a Windows PC, make sure you get PC software updates from the Microsoft website (or Windows update service).

Active Internet Connection

Make sure you have an active internet connection. In case you are updating iOS ‘over the Air’, your Apple device should have access to active internet connection via wifi.

From your Apple device go to
Settings > Wi-Fi
Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on and you have selected your desired Wi-Fi connection

On the other hand if you have connected your Apple device to Windows or MAC PC and you want to update iOS via iTunes, your PC should have an internet access. Internet access is required to download latest iOS from Apple servers and/or verifying the update from Apple servers.

Turn Off Antivirus and Firewall

Yes! Do it before you update iOS, because antivirus software, security software and/or firewall will block the device, PC or iTunes to communicate with Apple servers during iOS updating process. I could have used ‘might block’ here but I have used ‘will block’, because in most cases antivirus and/or firewall blocks communication between Apple servers and iTunes and/or Apple device. After the update has been done, enable antivirus protection and firewall.

Make Sure Hosts File is Set Correctly

Hosts file in Windows or MAC is used to allow or block websites. Over the time, contents of hosts file may change by different software programs. Before you update iOS, you need to make sure that hosts file is in proper order.

Required iOS Package (.ipsw file)

You can choose to download and install iOS version of your choice. If you update ‘over the air’ or use iTunes update, your Apple device will get the latest iOS update. To update Apple device with the iOS version of your choice, you need .ipsw file (iOS installer package) that can be downloaded from several online places. Note that this downloaded .ipsw file still needs latest iTunes on your PC to get installed in your Apple device.

Apple Device in DFU or Recovery Mode

Before you update iOS on your Apple device, you need to take the device in DFU (Device Firmware Update or Device Firmware Upgrade) mode or recovery mode to start from.

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