Apple pushes frequent updates to its revolutionary mobile operating system; “iOS” on iPad, iPod, iPhone and Apple TV that includes bug fixes, security updates and new features. iOS is only for Apple hardware and devices. Depending on the device, iOS build is different for different Apple devices. iOS is updated as a whole fresh install. If users want to preserve their current data on device, they have to take data backup before updating iOS. Following guide contains instructions and tutorials on how the updating is done on Apple devices.

If you have previously updated iOS at-least once on your Apple device then probably you already know a lot. If not, consider reading all tutorials in this guide carefully before you update iOS.

Preparing for iOS Update

To achieve a successful iOS update on your Apple device, you need to know the requirements for iOS update.

iOS Update Requirements – Before you Upgrade iOS on Apple Device

You might encounter error while updating iOS. Following guide will help you avoid errors during iOS update process.

How to Update Hosts File
iTunes Related Errors and Fixes During iOS Update
iTunes Stuck on “Preparing ipod/iPhone/iPad for Restore” State

After you know the rules and requirements, you should take full data backup from your Apple device so that you may restore the data after new iOS install. If you just update your Apple device you might lose your data in case you even forgot to setup iCloud app on your Apple device.

Taking Full Data Backup from Apple Device

DFU and Recovery Mode Explained

How to Enter in DFU Mode [iPhone,iPad,iPod]
How to Exit from DFU Mode [iPhone,iPad,iPod]
How to Enter in Recovery Mode [iPhone,iPad,iPod]
How to Exit from Recovery Mode [iPhone,iPad,iPod]
Difference between DFU and Recovery Mode [iPhone,iPad,iPod]

How to Download Correct Build of iOS for your Apple Device

Go Ahead – Update iOS

Straight Way to Upgrade iOS [Guide]

Upgrade iOS Over the Air
Upgrade iOS via iTunes (Remote iOS File from Apple Servers)
Upgrade iOS via iTunes (Local iOS File from PC)

Downgrading iOS [Guide]

Saving SHSH Blob
Restoring SHSH Blob

Customize iOS for Best Performance and to Save Battery

Jailbroken Device Upgrade???

[Note: While trying these tutorials, if in any case you damage, lock up or brick your device, we won’t be held responsible. It is your responsibility to use your device carefully.]