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Import Your Delicious Bookmarks to Google Bookmarks


It depends on your personal interest what are you comfortable with but if you use Google services and delicious – then this tip will help you to import all your delicious bookmarks to Google bookmarks. You might ask why there is need to drop delicious? There is no need to drop using delicious. Its a cool bookmarking social service out there but then you can have a backup of all your delicious favorites in Google too. And you probably already use Gmail, Orkut, Google maps, Google books, Youtube, Google docs, Google sites, Google groups. Then why not have all the bookmarks and favorites with Google as well?

Backup purpose or changing the way you store your bookmarks – Google bookmarks is a good way to save your favorites. If you prefer to use Google bookmarks than Delicious bookmarks and you have account with delicious then the following way will import all the delicious bookmarks to Google bookmarks.

Proceed to the following URL:

Delicious Import

Give delicious account details and hit ‘Export to Google Bookmarks’. That’s it.

You can also use the OAth method for import process if you’ve merged your Delicious Account with your Yahoo! ID.

Your Delicious credentials will not be stored or used after the import process is complete. Any data you have stored in Delicious will not be edited or deleted by this import process.

Now where are your Google bookmarks? Follow the URL below:

Access your Google bookmarks

You can sort Google bookmarks in lists, edit, delete bookmarks, label or briefly describe bookmarks, and share bookmarks with other users online.

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