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HP Probook 4520s Maintenance, Repairing and General Cleaning [DIY]


If your HP Probook laptop is heating up very soon or if you want to upgrade/replace/remove internal hardware (HDD,RAM) from this laptop, or if you simply want to clean the dust out of laptop, then use the following guide that will help you to properly and safely open up laptop to look into it. The process explains that how can you remove different parts of laptop to access RAM, hard disk and fan for repairing, upgrading or cleaning purpose.

Before you open up a laptop, make sure you have read the followings:

Screwdriver Sets for Smart Devices and Laptops
Safety Precautions to Take Before Repairing a Laptop

Here is how to remove/replace/upgrade RAM, hard disk or fan from HP Probook 4520s.

  • Place laptop at the table, front side facing downwards and battery side upwards.
  • Remove battery from backside.
  • From where the battery was, underneath the battery remove three screws.
  • Remove two screws from the backside of laptop.
  • Bring front side of laptop upwards and open laptop cover so that laptop screen is facing you.
  • Remove bezel (the one with the switch on/off button) by pushing it gently backwards and lift it up.
  • To remove keyboard you have to remove two screws from beneath the bezel that you just lifted. Keyboard has got a cord (ribbon cable) and its attached so you can not lift the keyboard at once. After removing those two screws from the top side of keyboard, you have to gently push the keyboard upwards towards the screen and then lift it not more than 1 or 2 inch and then turn it and place it at laptop. There will be a ribbon cable and you have to remove it by lifting up the clips at its left and right side gently (use extra caution). After that keyboard will be free with ribbon cable attached to it. If you are not careful enough, you can rip the cable and damage keyboard functionality.
  • Remove three screws from the top of the third part of laptop. This third part contains the mouse buttons in the center of it. The bottom part of laptop. After you remove three screws, move the whole panel (bezel) to the right side gently and pick it up about 2 or 3 inches. There is a ribbon cable below so you have to release the ribbon cable or you just flip this panel and place it for the time being where the keyboard was.
  • You can see the hard disk and fan now. hard disk has got three screws; two removable and one fixed screw. Remove two screws from hard disk and loose one fixed screw and move the hard disk to the right side and lift it up gently. Hard disk will be out of the laptop.
  • To remove fan, you have to remove the cover.

If you did not get any point in the steps explained above, just stop and watch images and videos below to understand proper sequence involved to achieve it successfully.

Photo Gallery

These photos may not be of much help because these are not much clear but you can watch videos below for exact sequence to follow and steps to take.

Video Tutorials

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