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Hide and Show Hard Disk Partitions in Windows


For security reasons or to hide unnecessary disk partitions from the Microsoft Windows, you can use several ways. Hiding a partition can be an effective way to protect its contents. Private data can be stored in a disk partition that is hidden from kids or everybody else. However, this method does not provide 100% security of data. An expert user can show the partition very easily. Then again, not every computer user goes on exploring hidden partitions unless he knows how many partitions your computer had previously. Use this guide to hide or show hard disk partitions in Microsoft Windows.

Hiding partition will hide it from Windows Explorer only. It may still be displayed in the Disk Management Utility and these methods will not erase any data from the partitions.

Remove Drive Letter

Microsoft Windows rely on drive letters to recognize a partition. Removing the drive letter will hide the partition from the computer. To Hide the partition by removing drive letter, follow these steps:

  • Right click on My Computer or Computer and click on Manage.
  • Click on Disk Management from section on the left.
  • All hard disks and the partitions will be shown in the right side.
  • Right click on the partition that you want to hide and select “Change Drive Letters and Path“.
  • Click on “Remove” and then “Yes“.
  • Required partition will now be hidden from the computer.

To show the same partition again, follow these steps:

  • Right click on My Computer or Computer and click on Manage.
  • Click on Disk Management from section on the left.
  • Right click on the hidden partition (without any drive letter assigned) and select “Change Drive Letters and Path“.
  • Click on Add and select an appropriate drive letter from the list.
  • Click Ok.
  • Now the partition will be shown again.

Above method may not work for primary partition with operating system files. Partition that contains operating system files may display error if you try to remove its drive letter. Some programs depend on drive letter to run. If a disk drive has no letter assigned to it, it will not be recognized by system and programs will cease to work, so for the operating system disk drive, this method may not work.

Hide Partition by Using Command Prompt

Press Windows+R, type CMD and press Enter, or click Start button and Type CMD. Right click at CMD.exe and click at Run as Administrator. Running CMD as administrator is preferable. Type Diskpart and hit Enter. Diskpart is the built-in Disk Partitioning program in Windows.

To view disk partitions type list volume and hit Enter. Note the partition number and type select volume # where # is the number of partition that you want to hide. Now type Remove Letter * where * here can be D, E or F depending on partition you want to hide. It is the partition letter (under column Ltr). Hit Enter and the drive letter will be removed. Targeted drive will be hidden from Windows explorer now. To show it again use assign letter command.

diskpart - Microsoft Windows

Removing Letter Command:

select volume 4
remove letter G

Assigning Letter Command:

select volume 4
assign letter G

The remove letter and assign letter command will be executed on the selected volume. You have to select a volume by its number and look for the assigned letter to it. Then you just run remove letter or assign letter command to hide or show the drive G (in above case) from computer.

Hide A Hard Drive or Partition by Using Windows Registry

Following are the numbers for the respective drive (partition) in the Microsoft Windows. You will need these numbers to hide partition. If you want to hide D drive, you will need to use 8. If you want to hide drive E, you will need to use 16. If you want to hide D and E drives from computer, you will need to use D number (8) + E number (16) (8+16=24).

A: 1
B: 2
C: 4
D: 8
E: 16
F: 32
G: 64
H: 128
I: 256
J: 512
K: 1024
L: 2048
M: 4096
N: 8192
O: 16384
P: 32768
Q: 65536
R: 131072
S: 262144
T: 524288
U: 1048576
V: 2097152
W: 4194304
X: 8388608
Y: 16777216
Z: 33554432
ALL: 67108863

Open registry editor by typing regedit in run command (Windows+R) or in Start. Go to the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Policies -> Explorer. Right click at the right side and create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name the new parameter NoDrives and double-click it. Select decimal and enter the value according to the above table to hide the specified drive. Restart the PC for changes to take effect. This will apply to the current user and not for all computer users.

You can also hide or unhide partitions in Microsoft Windows by using disk managers tools and software. For example: Drive Manager or MiniTool Partition Wizard.

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