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Google Toolbar Alternative for Mozilla Firefox


Google toolbar is used to share websites, translate pages, viewing pagerank of sites/pages and similar purposes. Google toolbar is not available for Firefox 5 or newer versions of firefox. Google Toolbar for Firefox is only supported in Firefox 2.0 to 4.0.*.

Firefox has more users from around the globe than any other browser. Firefox is most popular browser in the world. See here, here, here. Not internet explorer because IE comes with every Windows pre-installed.

For webmasters, designers, SEOs, content writers and bloggers – firefox is a browser of choice. And they install Google Toolbar for FF as well. But if you use Firefox version 5 or newer, you won’t be able to use Google Toolbar. But you can still add similar functionality to the browser by using one or more Firefox add-ons.

Consider following add-ons to add similar functionality to FF – like that of Google Toolbar.

Page translation
Page sharing
Site thumbnails on a new tab
Gmail notifications
Pagerank check

So Google has stopped toolbar support for new Firefox. Google wants to serve its sub-products to its own products. From now on Google Toolbar will be available to Google Chrome. We can assume that later on Google toolbar support will be completely stopped for new Firefox.

If you are using Firefox 4 or older then proceed to the following link to install Google Toolbar.

Install Google Toolbar

Lets talk about alternative to Google Toolbar. If you do not want to install 10 add-ons to add similar functionality to Firefox that was added by using Google toolbar than use the following single add-on that is exact alternative to the Google toolbar.

Googlebar for Firefox

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