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Generate Detailed System Health Report for Windows 7


Generate a report detailing the status of local hardware resources, system response times, and processes on the local computer along with system information and configuration data. This report includes suggestions for ways to maximize performance and streamline system operation. Membership in the local Administrators group, or equivalent, is the minimum required to run this Data Collector Set.

A detailed system diagnostics report will provide you diagnostic results, warnings, errors reports, OS checks, security center information, system services checks, startup programs, disk checks, desktop rating, BIOS checks, devices checks, CPU processes, CPU services, network checks, physical disks checks, memory checks and other reports about computer and windows. In windows 7 its easy to generate detailed system health report by following the procedure below.

resource performance monitor

Go to Control Panel
Go to Performance Information and Tools
Go to Advanced Tools
Click at ‘Generate a system health report’

It will take a while to generate details about system health and performance and then resource and performance monitor will display every bit of software/hardware information and its performance status.

Use this report to see warnings or errors in preferred location and fix them according to recommendation in its details. Even if you are an average level user, this report will save you from giving your laptop or desktop computer to tech guys to repair. When you can diagnose any issue with the PC then you can Google that issue to solve.

Tip: Before buying a laptop or PC, run this report and see what warnings or errors system show you. If there is some kind of compatibility issue or conflict between software/hardware, you will talk about it before buying that PC. This report will tell your the right status of any PC.

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