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How to Find Guest Posts for Blog Easily


Handling a blog all by yourself is good but tiring. If you are owner of a web property or a blog, and you manage its hosting, development, maintenance, design, content, post writing and everything, then at some point you will get tired and will loose interest. Perhaps you will find out yourself exerting more but gaining less in return. This thinking will cause your will power to drop and you will loose interest in blogging or publishing. Doing it all by yourself has its benefits but it has got many problems associated with it as well. For example, if you are the only writer for your blog, then your blog will most likely to contain a single voice. Your writing style won’t be changed much with time and users will find it boring. No matter if the content is fresh but its like eating apple every day or orange every day. How about offering a variety of fruits to your visitors? If you bring more guest publishers or even paid writer to your blog, it will have different voices. Its content will have different tastes. Users will find it interesting to read different authors and opinions.

Different authors may belong to different countries and so they will have their own local experiences about your niche to write about. Your content will get versatility. When you decide to go on vacation, the guest bloggers will keep your blog updated. The problem however is not to allow guest posts to be published but to find the guest bloggers.

MyBlogGuest is a community for bloggers where you can meet other bloggers, find articles about your niche and get those articles published right away at your blog. Fresh articles are ready to be published at your blog instantly. I have been using this service and its good. I can just browse articles and select article of my choice to get it published at my blog. Then I need to contact author of that article. I show my interest in that article and the author grants me the access to full article which I can copy for my blog.

find guest bloggers, find guest posts

find guest bloggers, find guest posts

I even can set this system to send me draft if someone shows interest to publish his article at my blog. For that I have to enter additional information of my blog there e.g. username and password which they say will be secure. But I prefer to ping the author and get his permission for his article to be published by myself. The system also suggests me guest posts sometimes. Over all its good. But I want to try more services like that.

You can try out this service or if you already are trying any other service then sharing won’t hurt.

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