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File Transfer between iOS Device and PC Over Wi-Fi


While you can always plug your iPad or iPhone to PC by using USB to copy files, but how about when you have to move the files between PC and iOS device more often? Using USB for file transfers is becoming boring when everything is going wireless. In case of Windows PC and iOS devices, built-in features such as AirDrop, Bluetooth might not work for everybody. Here is how to transfer files between PC and the iOS device over the Wi-Fi – the easy way.

You can download any app from iTunes store, that serves as a bridge between your iOS device and Windows PC via Wi-Fi. Windows PC or any other smart device can access a webpage or IP address provided by the app, in the same network. PC and iOS device should be in the same Wi-Fi network for this to work.

We tested ‘WiFi Transfer Free‘ and it was easy to use and just does what it says. Download this app on your iOS device and install it. Its compatible with iPad and iPhone. This App lets you exchange photos (in original resolution) or videos between your computer or other devices easily from your iPhone or iPad. Multiple files transfer is allowed. It creates archive in case of multiple files transfer. You can also upload images from PC (or other devices) to iOS devices.

After you launch this the app from iOS device, you have to select the transfer method. It shows an IP address to open at the other device or PC in web browser. From your PC, open that IP address and you can access photos and videos from iOS. Free version of the app can only transfer the first 30 photos/videos of each album present in iOS device.

For more similar apps, just open the iTunes, go to ‘iTunes Store’ and search with the term ‘WiFi Transfer’ and you will get many results containing apps related to ‘file transfer over the Wi-Fi’. Try few apps and keep which suit your needs.

wifi transfer - apps

Most of these apps will use same method for transfer. These will present a link (IP address) to open in web browser on other device. You will have to turn the sharing on for some of these apps to make them work. After that they may allow you to select files to transfer from your albums in iOS.

Other useful apps in this regard are following:

If you are on a MAC, give Instashare (iTunes link) a try. Instashare claims to be a better AirDrop for iOS, OS X & Android.

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