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How to Enter Recovery Mode [iPhone,iPad,iPod]


Recovery Mode for Apple device allows you to do a standard iOS upgrade or restore on iPhone, iPad or iPod. It can also be used to jailbreak Apple devices. Recovery mode is different from DFU mode. When in recovery mode, Apple device screen will display a USB cable pointing towards the iTunes logo. Following tutorial will guide you about how to enter into recovery mode.



  • Connect the USB cable to your Mac or PC but do not connect Apple device to the cable yet
  • Launch iTunes in your computer
  • Turn off the device by pressing and holding down the Home and Power button
  • Press and continue to hold the Home button and connect the USB cable to your device now
  • Apple device will be turned on
  • Continue to hold the Home button until an alert message in iTunes informs you that the recovery mode has been detected

Your device is in recovery mode now. Now you can restore or upgrade the Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPod). If you have not launched iTunes, on your device you will see the USB cable pointing at the iTunes logo. That means you should connect the device to iTunes to start recovery.

After restoring or upgrading firmware, your device will automatically reboot and exit recovery mode.

Use RecBoot to Enter Recovery Mode

RecBoot is an easy to use software for MAC OS X that makes Apple device Recovery Mode easy. With this tool you do not have to manually hold down any of the buttons on device. You just hit a button and your device goes in recovery mode. Connect your iOS device to your Mac, launch RecBoot, and click on “Enter Recovery” to put device in recovery mode. Grab RecBoot for MAC OS X from here.

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