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Enable iMessages for iOS Devices


With an Apple account you can send messages from your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone to other iOS users for free. Those messages are called iMessages that are sent via Apple servers. Your iOS device needs to be connected to Wi-Fi network to send free messages. iMessage needs to be turned on in your iOS device from the Settings app. Here is how to turn on/off iMessages and how to use iMessages.

If you have iOS device, then you have Apple ID that you can create from iTunes, online or by using your iOS device. Here is how to create an Apple ID.

  • Tap ‘Settings’ on your iOS device.
  • Tap ‘Messages’.
  • Turn ‘iMessage’ on.
  • You can allow others to be notified when you read messages sent by them.
    You can select to send SMS when iMessage is not available (device not connected to Wi-Fi network).

  • Next tap ‘Send & Receive’.
    Select Apple ID to send and receive iMessages from there (You can select your email address and iCloud email address).
    Also this Apple ID will be associated or linked with your phone number in case of iPhone or iPad.
  • Next enable SMS/MMS to allow iMessage to send and receive messages and multimedia messages.

That is about it.

To turn off iMessage proceed to Settings > Messages and turn iMessage off.

Also read about FaceTime.

iMessage can send and receive multimedia messages along with standard SMS. You can send or receive photos and videos by attaching them to the SMS. In the latest iOS, you can also block contacts to receive messages from in the same messages section. You can add more email addresses in ‘Send & Receive’ section. And you can also tap Apple ID there to ‘View Account’, ‘Sign Out’ or to change your location.

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