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Enable FaceTime for iOS Devices


FaceTime allows iOS device users to participate in video calls and audio calls with other FaceTime users over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. If its over the Wi-Fi, it is free. FaceTime is activated during the setup process you go through the first time you turn on a new iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac. You can change its settings, turn it on or off by following instructions below:

If you have iOS device, then you have Apple ID that you can create from iTunes, online or by using your iOS device. Here is how to create an Apple ID. In case you have an iPad (e.g. 4th generation) that does not support cellular network and is only Wi-Fi based, you can still use FaceTime on it by using Apple ID.

Here is how you can turn Facetime on or off.

  • Tap ‘Settings’ from the Home screen of your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
  • Tap on FaceTime.
  • Toggle the FaceTime slider at the very top to the ON or Off position.

In the FaceTime app, you can also view Apple Account, Sign Out or change location by tapping on Apple ID. You can select your caller ID and block/unblock contacts for FaceTime.

To make a FaceTime video call from your iOS device, tap the FaceTime icon (video camera icon) to invite the other user to a FaceTime video call, during call. You can also place a FaceTime video call using your contacts list by tapping the video icon or tap the FaceTime video icon to place a FaceTime video call to the contact you are viewing. To invite on audio call, tap on phone icon while viewing contact details.

Also read about iMessage.

Important: To call someone using FaceTime, you need their phone number or email address. Try their phone number first. You should be certain that they have an iOS device before sending Facetime call. Facetime is available for iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini, iPod touch (4th generation) or later. FaceTime audio calling isn’t available with iPod touch (4th generation). FaceTime over cellular data isn’t available with iPhone 4 or iPad 2.

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