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Enable Disable Apps on iOS Devices – Privacy and Parental Control


Smart mobile devices have become more and more accessible and we have become so much dependent on these devices. These are our source of information and entertainment. We read news, weather information, stacks updates, emails, messages and play games to kill time or to entertain ourselves. Children play games on smart devices. Touch based devices are so easy to handle that can play major role in kids education. We encourage children to play kids games on our smart devices because a smart device is usually always on, connected to Wi-Fi internet, is portable and easy to handle. While kids learn how to use educational apps and games, you might want to disable certain apps and services (in-app purchases, apps deletion) from children. Camera app and camera roll are also sensitive areas. If certain areas and apps are protected by a password then you can share your smart device more happily with friends and kids. You do not need to download any app to protect your device. iOS devices have in-built feature that can control your privacy. iOS has also got the parental control and content filtering mechanism.

One major requirement is to disable apps deletion without our permission. The other requirement is to restrict certain apps to protect your data and personal information. You also might want to disable in-app purchases when you don’t need it. You can do so easily for iOS devices.

Go to Settings > General > Restrictions
Tap ‘Enable Restrictions’
Set Password (Passcode)

Allow/Disallow Apps

Turn off apps that you need to disable for everybody
You can restrict several apps such as, Internet (Safari), Camera, Facetime, iTunes and more.
Restrict new apps installations
Restrict apps deletion
Allow/disallow movies, TV shows based on rating
Disallow in-app purchases
Allow or disallow Siri, Airdrop and Carplay

If you disable camera, it will be disable for everybody including you. When you need the camera app, you will have to come to restrictions section and enable camera. Same goes for other apps.

Allow/Disallow Content, Set Content Filter

Allow content based on your country
Restrict explicit music and podcasts
Set filter for movies, TV shows, books, apps, Siri, websites

Control Privacy

Restrict changes or allow changes and control privacy for location services, contacts, calendars, reminders, photos, bluetooth sharing, Twitter, Facebook, microphone and advertising.

Allow Changes

Restrict changes to account and volume limit. In case of latest iOS you can also restrict changes to ‘Background App Refresh’.

Tip: You will have to tap on different services and see what options are inside to control.

By using restriction area in iOS, you can almost control every aspect of your privacy on your device. Password is required one time. You will have to enter the password to change these settings in ‘restrictions’ section. To turn off restrictions, you will again need to enter the password.

After one time setup, you will be able to give your smart device confidently to children or friends. Whenever you use the device, turn on or enable those services that you disabled from restrictions section and after you are done, disable those services. In this way you can simply protect certain areas of your device with 4 digits password.

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