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Convert Incompatible 4K UHD Videos into 1080p to Play on Your HD TV


Ultra High Definition (UHD) videos or 4K videos are available to watch online. One example source is the YouTube from where you can find and stream 4K videos online. 4K videos should play on UHD 4K displays. If you get a 4K video or you are planning to download 4K videos from YouTube to play on your Full HD 1080p TV, these may not play, even if the file format would be mp4 that is acceptable for most Full HD TVs and LED displays. You can convert these 4K videos into 1080p to watch on your Full HD TV. Here is an easy and painless way to convert 4K video into 1080p to make it compatible to your 1080p display.

You will need ‘DivX Converter‘ that comes free with the free ‘DivX Player‘. DivX converter presents essential and easy to understand controls to convert videos in several types to make these compatible with your device or display.

divx converter formats

Resolution types this converter can handle are HD 720p, HD 1080p, Plus HD, Plus 4K, HEVC 720p, HEVC 1080p, HEVC UHD 4K. It can also convert video to make it compatible for mobile, iPad or iPhone. But this conversion will convert the file into .divx format. If you downloaded 4K mp4 video from YouTube and converted it into 1080p by using this converter, the software will output a .divx file. Divx files are also acceptable for many TVs and displays.

The method of conversion is simple. Drag and drop 4K video files into the software or click ‘add files’. Select the output to HD 1080p and hit start button. You can also customize output folder or location where it will store the resulting converted file. It will take some time and convert the 4K video into 1080p. It will be a little downgrade in quality but its the best quality you can get easily out of a little video converter software. The big plus point is that, now converted video will be able to play on your Full HD 1080p TV or display.

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