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How to Clear Chat History from Google Talk


You are sitting in the office talking to colleague about assignment from boss and telling him over Google talk that this is impossible to complete it today. Then you see the boss coming towards you. You close the Google chat window. Boss approaches you and ask about the task. You tell him that it is going to be completed. Boss tells you to send the clients files to colleague. You open the chat window, drag files and drop in the chat window for colleague and there is the previous chat. Boss gives you stares. Previous message are always there in Google chat window even when you close the chat windows. These messages reappear when you open chat window to talk to same person. So how can you delete chat history from that Google chat window?

Privacy and security are two main concerns while using computer. Before using any software check for its privacy settings.

Clear Chat History

To clear chat history from Google Talk, you have to sign out and then sign in back again. That will remove previous chat messages you have been sending to your contacts. Google Talk stores chat history by default and you can find it in your Gmail as well. To prevent Google Talk to save chat history further, you should do the following.

  • Open Google Talk.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click second tab below General that is ‘Chat’.
  • Select ‘Don’t save chat history in my Gmail account’.
  • Hit Ok.

Its a good practice to close messengers when these are not being used. Alternatively you can use other messaging applications or chatting software. Facebook allows to send messages. You can delete selected messages and conversations as you like.

There are several other applications such as LAN Messenger Portable by portableapps, Digsby (Windows, MAC, Linux), pidgin (Windows, MAC, Linux), adium (MAC), Tonic (LAN messenger) and Squiggle (LAN messenger).

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