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Clean HTC Cache, History and Clear Temp Data


Sooner or later you will realize that your Windows Mobile phone has got less built-in memory and even if you install apps on storage card, the phone memory will be available less and less. At some point your Windows Mobile will stop installing more apps and would give a low memory alert. You will wonder, because you were installing apps on storage card. Then where all the phone memory is gone? The thing is, apps use phone memory as well. Phone memory stores cache files, temp files and lot more, just like our computer Windows OS. You have to remove all the temp files, cache files and history items and lot more to free up space in your Windows Mobile “My Device” section for more apps installations and to make your Windows Mobile work smoothly, faster and more responsive. I just tried the following methods to free up a lot of space from my Windows Mobile and now my HTC HD2 Windows Mobile is working smooth and faster. I can add more apps in it. Watch the following videos and then download app to clear memory and cache from Windows Mobile Phone.

HTC HD2 Clean Cache and History

Clearing browser temp files, cache files and history is always a good idea. Also use the ‘Task Manager’ often to monitor which apps are running in the background. Close apps that you are not using.

ClearTemp – Windows Phone App to Clear Unwanted Cache Files

ClearTemp is a simple tool to clear unwanted cache files on your windows phone. ClearTemp is an application to free up storage space on your windows mobile device. It allows you to clear temporary/unused files and unused registry keys/values on windows mobile easily. It also allows you to clear your Recent Program List, Internet Address History and soft reset counter. You can even change the location of the temporary folders (Cache, History & Cookies) or e-mail attachment folder to the Storage Card. If you have custom folders/files which you wish to clear, you can also add them in the settings.

Download ClearTemp

Download ClearTemp from here and here.

Author of ClearTemp is Vicott Wong.

clear temp windows mobile


  • Download the CAB file, transfer it to windows mobile device.
  • On your device, launch your file explorer and locate the CAB file.
  • Tap on the CAB file to start installation.


  • You can tick/untick (check/uncheck) certain options/items to scan/clean.
  • Use “Clean” to start clearing selected item(s).
  • You can go to the options dialog from the tools menu.
  • In the Options screen, you can change location of temp files or e-mail attachments by making the change in the dropdown list(s).
  • You can also specify the location of Custom Folder 1, 2 and 3 in the Settings screen.
  • You can also enable auto cleaning on system boot up by ticking the start up option in the Settings screen.
  • Tap on “Apply” item under the “Tools” menu to confirm the new settings in the Settings screen.
  • After changing the location of the temp files, please exit the program, save your work and perform a soft reset for the change to take effect.
  • You can also modify your “Custom Files” list in the “Custom Files” screen. Wildcards (*) are supported in filenames.
  • You can also clear the MRU (most recently used) list of selected third party applications in the MRU Cleaner screen.

Other Notes

  • Please uncheck “Auto clean on Start Up” first if you wish to un-install the software.
  • “Large Mail” is not supported in Windows Mobile 5.0 and above.
  • Detection of “Mail Attachments” does not work well on some devices.
  • The startup option does not clear bad registries, dead shortcuts and dead SIPs automatically.
  • For bad uninstall registry/files, make sure the software are no longer on the device before you agree to delete them. The setup information required to uninstall software will be gone after you choose to delete them.
  • Please take extra care and read the prompts carefully before removing SIPs detected as dead. You will not be able to recover the SIPs once you choose to remove them.
  • If you decide to uninstall ClearTemp, please remember to delete “ClearTemp Startup.lnk” shortcut file in the startup folder (e.g. “\Windows\StartUp\”).

Do this once in a week or once in a month depending on your mobile usage and your mobile will be faster and more responsive. You will be able to free up many megabytes of space from Windows Mobile every time you do as described above.

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