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Bypass Bandwidth Limit Reached Notification for Hotspot Shield


Hotspot Shield is an easy to use small and free software to protect online privacy and unblock restricted websites. It was completely free but ads supported. It is difficult to cover the costs of huge bandwidth usage based on only ads support. So they have enforced a limitation for Android users and desktop users. Bandwidth limit on Android is 256 MB per day and on Desktop, bandwidth limit is set to 750 MB per day which resets after every 24 hours. Users are prompted to pay or wait until the limit period is over. Share-with-Friends notification may appear after 500 MB data bandwidth usage. User will have no access to websites for 24 hours. If user will share Hotspot Shield with 10 friends, the access will be restored. Bandwidth limit reached notification will appear at 750 MB or may be even before that. So you have got the limit and you can not use Hotspot Shield until the next day. I am going to give you a hint on a way to keep downloading stuff (videos, software, files) even if the bandwidth limit has reached.

This tip enables you to download unlimited files or videos by using free Hotspot Shield. However, it will not help you to browse websites after the free bandwidth limit reaches to its limit. Possibly useful in case when you want to download files from any online source by using download manager without being interrupted by the free VPN bandwidth limitations.

The message will appear like below:

Notification: Bandwidth Limit Reached.

After that, either you will have to wait for next 24 hours to use VPN again or you will have to participate in a free survey or recommend Hotspot Shield to few friends to be able to lift limit for that day.

You can see in the screenshot below that a file is still being downloaded even if user is using free version of Hotspot Shield and he has used more than allowed bandwidth per day.

hotspot shield bandwidth limit bypass

The trick is to start downloading as many files as you want from the beginning, as soon as Hotspot Shield is turned on and connected to internet.

First collect all the the download links.
Start Hotspot Shield protection.
Start downloading all of the files via download accelerator or download manager.

Even after the bandwidth limit is reached, because the download manager is downloading the files, it will keep downloading those files. Soon the bandwidth limit of free Hotspot Shield will reach and you won’t be able to browse websites by using your web browsers but the pending or running downloading jobs will continue.

They restrict the web browser and redirect the URL to a page that displays a message about bandwidth limit restriction. Anything else that requires internet but is not being done via web browser will continue to operate.

Bonus Tips: You can try using different computer in the same network to continue using Hotspot Shield or you can change MAC address of computer to lift that bandwidth limit enforced by VPN. Changing MAC address via software might not work for Windows 7 or Windows 8. You might need to change registry entries to change your MAC address. If you want to disable annoying ads that free VPN displays, use any Ad blocker add-on for Firefox or any Ad Blocker extension for Chrome.

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