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Adjust Appearance and Performance of Windows 7


Windows help and how to is our favorite subject. Windows performance is even interesting subject. In older versions of Windows it was easy to adjust appearance and performance of Windows as it was all in the “folder options”. It could be found easily. In Windows 7 its kind of tricky to bring up those options about what you need. If you use shadows, smooth edges, windows animations, slide or fade effects for Windows 7 then system will consume more memory and processes and will be less responsive. Developers tend to adjust windows settings to the best performance mode. They like speed while working and don’t want to get distracted. By appearance and performance controls of Windows 7 you can switch off animations, slide/fade effects, visual styles and more. You can also adjust virtual memory for Windows 7 and increase it from there. Here is how you can adjust appearance and performance to Speed up windows 7 for best performance.

performance appearance-windows7

Go to the following location:

Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools > Advanced Tools

Click at “Adjust appearance and performance of Windows”

You can adjust visual effects such as – Animate windows or not, enable or disable aero peek, enable or disable transparent glass, fade or slide things or not, drop down shadows for icons, show shadows or not, smoothness of edges and many other visual styles can be changed.

From “Advanced” tab you can set the virtual memory of Windows 7 to adjust paging file size at disk drives. By default Windows 7 manages it all by itself but you can customize it to fit your needs.

By increasing virtual memory size (custom set) and turning off few visual styles you can speed windows 7 up at considerable limit.

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