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How to Access what is stored on iCloud Account without iOS Device


If your Apple device gets stolen or you just bought a new Apple device, you might need to access previously stored documents and data. In case of local backups (via iTunes), it is just a matter of restoring backup from local hard disk but for iCloud you need to restore old data from iCloud. You can even try to find your lost Apple device via iCloud. If you do not have any Apple device with you, you can still use your iCloud account online to view, edit or save your backed up data by following instructions below.

Use your web browser on PC to go to You can access your calendar, contacts, notes, reminders, emails and more from there.


iCloud account won’t display apps previously installed on your Apple device. Free iCloud account limit is 5 GB. It can not show all of your data if you had more than 5 GB on your device. It won’t show photos, music and videos as well.

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