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If you want to ask a question related to relevant topic (Computer, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, MAC, Apple, Linux), please go to our QA Site, where you will get a much quicker response from our helpful team and other members. Your question will also be seen by a wider number of people that very likely have experienced the same problem before. You need to create an account on our QA site to post questions, answers and comments. You can also use social networking website account to login to QA area.

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We do not accept guest posts. If you want to apply for a writing job, or let us know about an interesting tip or other idea, we’d love to hear it, but we absolutely will not allow guest posts from people that are just trying to get SEO links on TipsNinja.

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We do not accept paid reviews or any kind of back link requests. We do not accept payment from any developer or company to review the product. We do not place ‘one way’ or ‘two way’ links for SEO purposes. We review different services, tools, software and if you think that your software or tool is worthy and we have missed it, send us an email and we will review it for free. We try to share alternatives to do same thing. If we have missed a worthy software or tool, you can also share it in comments section, below relevant article.

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