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Welcome to TipsNinja, an Online Tech Magazine

First of all, we appreciate your interest. Welcome to TipsNinja and thanks for visiting the site. TipsNinja is dedicated to publish articles, tips, tutorials and how-to guides on topics of computer, internet, smart devices and operating systems. We have tried to make sure that our articles are understandable for everyone, and detailed enough that the more technical readers would find these useful as well.

We aim to guide you through the web and computer technology so that you can get maximum benefit out of your digital life. Whether you are using a popular social networking website or doing your work on your Apple MAC, Linux or Microsoft Windows, we publish equally useful articles on all these topics.

We mostly answer problems and questions related to topics mentioned above. We recommend methods to solve problems and we also recommend usually free software to do the same. If you want to ask any question related to these topics, feel free to ask question in our QA section or send us an email.

Why Did We Start This Site?

Purpose of this website is to make you more efficient and productive with your computer, smart devices and related technologies. We strive to provide you information, entertainment, convenience, and savings specially in the areas of computer, technology, internet, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple MAC, Android and iOS.

Why Did We Choose this Name: “TipsNinja”?

Apparently because it was available. As we see it, the word ‘tips’ refers to short tutorials and how-to guides that solve problems or hints that make something easier and better. The word ‘ninja’ has been used for fun. Consider a social group of computer geeks with right set of tools, software and skills.

Can I Write Articles For The TipsNinja?

We are picky about who we allow to write for TipsNinja. If you want to contribute articles, you will need to have good writing skills, experience with publishing on WordPress and have interesting ideas. We absolutely DO NOT do guest articles with links back to any other website. We do not publish paid reviews. We only publish articles on our own experiences and knowledge.

Can I Republish Your Articles On My Website?

NO. TipsNinja has taken a lot of work to create and maintain. Every single article is original copyrighted content. We are not saying that you can not write a similar article or quote article with a link back, but you can not outright copy articles and screenshots from TipsNinja. If you want to translate articles, you can do so but you can not use our images and you need to link back to the original article (by giving proper credit).

Where Do We Get Article Ideas?

Experiments, personal experiences with computers and smart devices, suggestions and questions from readers. We happen to use operating systems, computers, tablets, smart devices, smart phones on regular basis. Sometimes we want to share what we see and sometimes we have to answer to our readers.

How Can I Follow or Subscribe to TipsNinja

You can subscribe via RSS Feeds or receive newsletter on updates via email. Newsletter service is provided by Google Feedburner. You can also follow TipsNinja on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Follow links in the right side panel to connect with us on social networks. These are several ways that will allow you to receive updates from us. You can un-subscrive anytime. To un-subscribe, follow un-subscribe link in our newsletter email. If you follow us on social networks, you can un-follow anytime.

Is there a Privacy Policy?

You can read the privacy policy, ads policy, cookies policy and related information here. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. To learn more about cookies, head over to the privacy policy page to know all about it. To read the disclaimer or to send us email, please use contact page.